Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP
Dreiländertagung der Medizinischen Physik

19–22 September 2021

Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP
Dreiländertagung der Medizinischen Physik

19–22 September 2021


Welcome Note

Abstract submission


How to submit an abstract

Step-by-step to your abstract submission

  1. Please create your own account under "Author sign up". You will then receive an email containing your access key. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email within 60 minutes and contact us at
  2. Please login with your access key and your email. Click "Abstract Submission" and follow the indicated steps. 
  3. Please submit the complete abstract. Temporary storing of the abstract is not possible. Editing the abstract is possible at any time until the submission deadline.
  4. After your successful abstract submission, you will receive an email confirmation. Please also check your spam folder in case you do not receive an email.
  5. You may login at any time to submit more abstracts or to make changes to abstracts already submitted until the abstract deadline on 31 March 2021.

Instructions for authors

  1. Please note that abstracts should not contain more than a maximum of 300 words, including references and captions of diagrams and figures (excluding spaces). However, this does neither include the authors’ names and affiliations nor the abstract title. Only abstracts of a maximum of 300 words can be considered in the review process.
    Furthermore, the abstract title must not contain or indicate any institutes/hospitals/organisations and products or brands. The abstract text must not contain any references to the institutes/hospitals or organisations either since the review is anonymous.
  2. Structure of the abstract
    Please make sure to use the following template!


    The abstract must be submitted in English. Only in exceptional cases, German abstracts can be accepted. In addition, the following structure of the abstract must be strictly adhered to, in order to be admitted for reviewing:
    1. Introduction (background, relevance and research question)
    2. Materials & Methods (patient collective, method, statistical procedures)
    3. Results (results with data and statistics)
    4. Summary (significance of the work presented and conclusion)
    Those headline should be included in bold in your abstract text. The authors’ information and the abstract title do not need to be included in the word file.
    Please insert formulas directly into the text using a formular editor.
    Please include image files (figures and tables) directly in the abstract text.
    The following formats are supported: DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word Document) and ODT ( Please note: no PDF files!
  3. Acceptation of abstract
    The organising committee will review the abstracts and notify the authors by June 2021 once the presentation form (oral/poster) has been determined and the programme has been finalised.
  4. Registration
    The presenting author must be a registered participant. Please note that the presenting author is not automatically registered by submitting an abstract. Regular registration is obligatory and binding and implies payment of the registration fee. For registration, please click here. Registration will presumably be possible starting from February 2021.

All abstracts of the oral presentations and posters will be published digitally in the abstract book. The abstract book will be available in August 2021. Please make sure that you own all of the copyright rights of the figures included. Changes after the abstract deadline cannot be made.

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