Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP
Dreiländertagung der Medizinischen Physik

19–21 September 2021

Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP
Dreiländertagung der Medizinischen Physik

19–21 September 2021


Welcome Note




How do I register for the digital Dreiländertagung?
You can register via the conference website. Registration will soon be possible. Please note that the on-demand content (in order to have access to the conference material after the end of the conference) is included in your conference registration.

Until when is registration possible?
Registration is possible at any time before or during the digital conference. Registration is possible soon via the conference website.

Is there an option for group registrations?
No, group registrations are not possible.

I will not be available during the course of the Dreiländertagung. Will I still be able to access the digital content after the conference?
A major part of the conference material will also be available after the conference. The on-demand material is included in your conference registration. You can register for the conference on the conference website soon.

How and when will I receive my access data to visit the digital conference platform?
In order to receive any access information at all, you need to register on the conference website. If you register before the start of the conference, you will receive your access data right before the start of the conference from our registration department. The information will be sent to the email address you used for your conference registration. Therefore, please check your email account (including your junk folder) before the start of the conference.

What are the technical prerequisites to attend the digital Dreiländertagung?
To participate in the digital conference, you will need a good and stable internet connection, your computer/laptop, tablet or cell phone, speakers/headphones and a microphone. Please also make sure that you are using the latest version of your internet browser. If you are using Internet Explorer below version 11, there might definitely be problems. The use of a camera is optional.
Further information can also be found in the user manual.

Are all types of sessions available online?
We make every effort to make all sessions available online.

Are the sessions interactive? Will there be a possibility for Q&A?
The speakers and chairs are live for all sessions (even, if the presentations may not be live). You can ask questions via chat during the presentations. At the end of each session or each talk, the chairs review the questions, read them out and the speakers answer them. A lounge area will also be available at all time during the digital conference for further discussion and communication.

I submitted a topic session and/or an abstract for the Dreiländertagung. What do I have to do?
As usual, you will receive an email regarding the acceptance or rejection of your session and/or abstract after the review process. Later on, you will also be informed about the exact programme slot of your contribution and further technical information on the submission etc.

Will there be an industrial exhibition?
There are various interactive parts in order to get in touch with our industry partners. For example, you can visit their information sides, view the material displayed and exchange information with the booth staff on-site. Also do not miss the numerous programme parts of our industry partners, such as industry symposia, meet the expert/product/industry sessions etc.

Our numerous sponsors and exhibitors are looking forward to your visit!

Companies interested in participating please contact

Whom can I contact in case I have technical problems, questions etc. during the conference?
During the course of the conference, you can contact us directly via the chat symbol which you can find on every site of the digital conference.

Will the Dreiländertagung be certified?
The digital conference will be registered at the committees of all three societies so that credits can be obtained for each day you participated. In order to receive credits, you need to have accessed the digital conference platform and attended the scientific programme during the course of the conference. After the conference, you will receive your certificate of attendance including the corresponding number of credits.

Please also note that the certification of the Dreiländertagung only applies to the live programme. Accessing the on-demand material after the conference may not be certified.

Is there a programme book or something like that?
There is presumably going to be a pocket planner as guide for your digital Dreiländertagung stay. As every year, there is also going to be an abstract book, which you can download on the website of the digital conference.