Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP
Dreiländertagung der Medizinischen Physik

19–21 September 2021

Joint Conference of the ÖGMP, DGMP and SGSMP
Dreiländertagung der Medizinischen Physik

19–21 September 2021


Welcome Note



Preparation of your pre-recorded presentation

Please prepare your presentation as usual in PowerPoint in 16:9 format. State on your first slide your potential conflict(s) of interest(s), if there are any.

Choosing the programme for recording
A recording of the presentation is necessary to guarantee a smooth running of the congress.
It is up to you which programme you use for recording your presentation. However, we recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint from 2019 or Office 365 to record with a webcam. This works with Mac or Windows. You can find an instruction video here:
> To the instruction video

Older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint allow only the recording of sound.You can find instructions here:
> Click here

Moreover, you can use the following services:

- OBS saves your recording(s) locally on your computer. It is an open-source recording tool. Since the tool can also be used for livestreams the handling is slightly complicated. However, if you need to record presentations frequently in the future, an installation of OBS could be useful.
> To the download of OBS

- LOOM saves your recording(s) on servers in the cloud. With LOOM you can record presentations up to 5 minutes free of charge. There is also a one-time 14-day trial version to create unlimited videos (without automatic subscription) (for Windows and Mac). Note: the activating page is a bit hidden. You can follow this link:
> To the download of LOOM

- Mac users can record their presentation with the QuickTime Player, but without a webcam.
> To the instruction

Advice on recording:
• Test microphone and webcam settings before recording
• If possible, record with daylight or another suitable light source
• Avoid surrounding noise, remove disturbing sources (telephone, pets etc.)
• Record in small/not empty rooms (carpeting has a positive effect on the sound quality)
• Please enter you name in the footer of your presentation („Insert“> „Header and Footer“)

You van use the following items to shape your presentation in the congress design:

Zoom backround

Power point slides

Information about uploading your presentation

1. Create an account with your data at "You do not have a Conventus account yet? Register“. You will then receive an automatic e-mail to activate your account:

2. As soon as you have activated your account, please log in with your e-mail address and password in the upload centre.

3. In order to be able to upload your presentations, you have to be verified for your event. Please click on “Event overview“ and then on “Verification“. Enter the varification code you received via e-mail. 

If you have multiple engagements in the programme, you will receive the code, which is the same for all your presentations, more than once. Please verify only once with your code for the event.

4. Upload your displayed presentation(s) at "Presentation file upload" and confirm. To ensure a smooth course of the congress, all presentations will be technically checked.


Submission of your contribution will be possible until 01 September 2021.